Professional Service & Personal Attention

When interacting with an attorney, you should have the ability to discuss your thoughts and concerns about your case at all times.  You should not have to wait unreasonably for return telephone calls, texts, emails, etc.  Given that a case is already filled with some stress and apprehension, your attorney should not compound these unpleasant feelings.  Furthermore, when you hire an attorney, among the reasons you do so, is because of the comfort level established between you and your attorney.  You should feel assured that your comfort level will continue uninterrupted throughout the representation process and even after the case is finished.

Among the responsibilities I owe to my clients is to see that each is supported by regular communication directly from myself.  Unlike other practitioners who consult with their client during the initial meeting only and then “pass you off” to an associate, it is imperative that when a client of mine has a question, simple or otherwise, they receive a prompt, if not immediate response, from me directly. 

For that reason, all my clients are provided with my cellphone number (661.312.5380).  The number is provided to clients not only for emergency situations, but especially for questions or concerns, big or small, important or routine.  The reason for the client’s call does not matter.  Being a client is reason enough.  Recognizing that every client can’t help but worry, even a little, about their case, it is paramount that each client has “ready access to clear, accurate information” to ease their stress and provide them peace of mind.