Driving-Related Offenses

In addition to DUI-related violations, there are many driving offenses, misdemeanor and felony, that carry criminal penalties (probation, county jail/prison, and fines).  Additionally, many of these same offenses have  DMV consequences (points affecting insurance premiums, suspensions and restrictions placed upon one’s driving privileges).

As with any criminal offense, it is important to speak with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who can help a defendant navigate the often confusing and uncertain path of “what to do?”.  By doing so, a defendant will have relevant, legal advice enabling him/her to make decisions more confidently and intelligently.  Finally, by speaking to an attorney who is very familiar with the courthouse personnel (judges and local prosecutor), there may be specific strategies that work more effectively than others.   

While there are countless driving-related violations listed in the Vehicle & Penal Code, the following discussions include some of the more common offenses, as well as defenses available to fight or mitigate the charge.  If you do not see the offense you are looking for listed below, feel free to contact attorney, Jeffrey D. Armendariz, for further information.