Drug-Related Offenses

While there has been a recent shift in California to deal with drug-related offenses with a view towards treatment and not incarceration. that is not to say that such cases are less significant or impacting.  At least for the defendant, the human consequences can be staggering to the person’s “quality of life” and in many cases, life threatening.  Even for those who are first-time offenders their employment/livelihood and self-esteem/reputation can be adversely affected.  While for others, who suffer from chronic substance abuse, life is a vicious circle of drug dependency and time spent in jail.

An early and honest discussion with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can help a client navigate the criminal proceedings of their case via potential defense strategies and at the same time guide a client, who is committed and desires sobriety, to available drug treatment resources.  For those clients interested, the treatment programs may involve attendance at alcoholics/narcotics anonymous (AA & NA) classes, out-patient, and/or residential treatment facilities.  Random testing, group classes and regular progress reports are usually part of out-patient and residential programs, which will vary in length according to the needs of the client.

While there are countless drug-related violations listed in the Health & Safety Code, and Penal Code, the following discussions include two of the more common drug-related offenses, as well as defenses available to fight, to mitigate or to get the charge dismissed.  If you do not see the offense you are looking for listed below, feel free to contact attorney, Jeffrey D. Armendariz, for further information.