The Natural Questions & Your First Step

Nearly all criminal cases create an atmosphere of anxiety.  If you have never been arrested, let alone charged with a criminal violation, there are many unpleasant feelings that one may experience in such a situation.  Questions naturally come up – “Am I going to jail?”, “What possible penalties am I facing?”, “What will I tell my family or employer?”, “Can I fight this, what am I going to do?.”  The road ahead can be uncertain and often leaves some people feeling overwhelmed and others, with a certain level of stress.  The first step to overcoming any level of anxiety is to become properly educated about your case.

Local Expertise

Many criminal practitioners know and understand the intricacies of criminal law, but many times in order to be an effective advocate for your client; you need to “know” the courthouse you’re going to be working in.  Every criminal case is different and so are the practices of every courthouse and prosecutor’s office handling the cases within.  What might be the normal way a case is handled in one courthouse may be handled entirely different in another.  Because of this, you should always seek to speak with an attorney familiar with the courthouse your case is filed and pending within.  The professional (and friendly, too) relationships Jeff Armendariz has formed with bench officers (judges) and prosecutors have been invaluable to him as he advocates for his clients.

For over 25 years, Jeff has been handling a wide variety of criminal cases, especially in Northern Los Angeles County courts; Lancaster, San Fernando, Van Nuys, and in particular, the Santa Clarita Superior Court.  Jeff appears daily before these courts and consequently, is very familiar with many of the judges, as well as the prosecuting attorneys of the Los Angeles City Attorney and Los Angeles County District Attorney offices.  Enjoying a positive reputation with these courts and offices enables him to be far more effective than attorneys from outside the area because of an established sense of trust and integrity when discussing cases.  Additionally, Jeff’s experience and familiarity with these courts allows him the unique opportunity to share with clients, in a specific manner, what strategies will work in their case.

Professionalism & Personal Attention

Effective assistance involves providing the client with continuous professional service and unhindered personal attention, with the benefit of the attorney’s expertise and knowledge of the local court and staff, and with an honest and reasonable assessment of options available to the client, based on the specific issues and facts involved.  In some cases, that may mean preparing a defense to present in a jury trial, and in other cases, preparing mitigating facts towards a negotiated resolution (“damage control”).  Regardless of what strategy may be best for your circumstances and before you decide what option to choose, Jeff Armendariz will provide you with a clear and thoughtful understanding of your case.

It is necessary to meet with an attorney for many reasons, but chief among these, a client should feel that he/she can regularly communicate any worries and concerns, request and obtain clarification directly with the attorney, and that the information and advice given by the attorney can be trusted in order to make intelligent and well-informed decisions about the case.