Theft-related Matters

Theft cases can range from petty and grand theft to commercial and residential burglary.  The minor cases are often misdemeanor in nature, while the more serious matters can be filed as felonies. In misdemeanor cases, especially first time offenders, where the loss to the victim is less than $50.00, an offender can usually negotiate for an infraction.  Depending on the circumstances, a grand theft charge can sometimes be negotiated to a petty theft, and a petty theft charge to a lesser offense.  In serious felony theft cases where there is significant monetary loss, the ability to provide restitution to the victim early on in the proceedings can have a mitigating effect for purposes of sentencing.  In fact, there are situations in certain felony theft cases where the offender can “earn” a misdemeanor before probation even expires.  As with other criminal violations, for those offenders with prior theft convictions, the consequences can multiply quickly.  In these situations, discussions with private counsel are strongly encouraged in order to formulate a negotiation strategy with the prosecutor.

A list of some of the matters we cover:

  • Residential Burglaries
  • Commercial Burglary
  • Identity Theft
  • Grand Theft
  • Petty Theft