Hit & Run / Vandalism

These offenses may be filed as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the factual circumstances involved.  Therefore, there is always possibility of punishment in the county jail or state prison.  However, in many cases, where damage is slight or not intentionally intended, or perhaps due to miscommunication or youthful immaturity, the case may be “civilly compromised”.

A civil compromise is essentially an agreement reached between the offender and the victim, whereby the violator fully compensates the victim for whatever their loss involves, and the victim represents that he/she is not desirous of further prosecution of the case.  To properly evaluate the merits of this type of arrangement it is best to consult with an attorney, otherwise the alleged offender runs the risk of antagonizing an already upset or angry victim.  If the arrangement is successful, and if the court accepts the agreement, the case is then dismissed, even if the prosecutor objects (which they almost always do!).

Important note:  A conviction for either hit & run or vandalism may result in further D.M.V consequences and could result in a driver’s license suspension.