Expungements and Charge Reductions

Many criminal offenses are capable of being expunged.  A successful motion for an expungement will result in the offense being “dismissed” by the court.  In other cases, an individual may seek legal relief from the court by having a felony reduced to a misdemeanor.  Either type of motion has certain requirements and restrictions that must be observed.  If not done properly, or untimely, the effort will be for nothing.

An expungement or charge reduction can be particularly helpful for someone seeking employment or those seeking an advancement or promotion.  This type of relief may also be appropriate for individuals who desire to work or volunteer in certain clubs or associations where background checks are performed and who merely want to “clean up their record’.

Important note: Keep in mind that even with an expungement, the offense will not be wiped away or completely erased from an individual’s “rap sheet”.  There will be entry on the individuals’ record that states that the offense was “dismissed pursuant to 1203.4(a)” of the California Penal Code.