Rehabilitation Programs and Residential Treatment

Almost every criminal violation, misdemeanor or felony, has the potential for county jail or state prison penalties, respectively.  However, depending on the circumstances of a case, there may be alternative forms of punishment that may be better suited to meet the needs of the client as well as the local community.

In DUI and drug possession cases, rehabilitation programs and/or residential treatment facilities not only deal with the immediate problems associated with addiction and substance abuse, but can also prevent further abuses in the future.  More often than not, prosecutors and judges want such offenders to receive appropriate and meaningful treatment rather than simply serve time in county jail, or even state prison.   In order to encourage this type of result, it is extremely important to start treatment as soon as possible.

The sooner a treatment program is started, the sooner a “track record” can be established.  An offender’s sincerity and amenability to treatment can be crucial to getting the prosecutor’s agreement that treatment can be done in lieu of jail or, even state prison.   Moreover, in certain types of drug possession cases, successful completion of a drug program can lead to a dismissal of the charges (even if the accused has prior drug convictions)!