SCV Teen Court / Community Court

Approximately 16 years ago, I was invited by the Honorable Thomas White (then serving as a bench officer for the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Newhall Branch) to serve as the “judge” for the Teen Court program.  Teen Court, administered by the City of Santa Clarita and Santa Clarita Sheriffs Department, is a diversion program for youths who commit low-level offenses.  During Teen Court, the minor and his/her parents are asked questions by a group of “jurors” (other students) about what happened and why.  The jurors are allowed time to deliberate and return with their recommendations (punishment) to the Teen Court judge.  Ultimately the minor is placed on 6-months of probation with a variety of obligations to perform (community service, letters of apology, etc).

Teen Court just celebrated its 20th Anniversary and has been honored and recognized by the City of Santa Clarita many times over the years as a worthwhile community program.

Teen Court is held on the last Thursday of each school calendar month.